For investors

Investment process

Construction of touchless car wash is one of the safer capital investment. Well located and technologically strong investment tailored to the needs of the local market may turn out to be a great success. You should choose the parameters of the planned car wash, among them the number of posts for washing and projected number of customers and the price of the service. It should analyze the costs of running a car wash, including the possible employment. You should also check out the weaknesses of competitors and equip your own car wash in what is missing in competitors, for example. Extra cleaning systems. Invested capital quickly begins to benefit and common investor decides on another touchless car wash.

Build your own car wash with us step by step

Business idea

Touchless car was can be a good idea for a business. At the beginning you have to assess your needs : Financial, Time and Personal capabilities ( If investor will have possibility to  complete all the formalities by himself, or needs assistance of advisor.

Find the place

To start your own car wash you need to have land or lease the land. Finding a suitable location for the investment is a crucial decisions. The larger land is, the larger car wash you can build. It is assumed that one post of car wash need about 150 m2 of usable land. To rise expected income, you have to meet basic conditions of place: neighborhood of shopping malls, supermarkets, petrol stations, and large housing estates, and also well communicated infrastructure.

Technical documentation and building permissions 

Before construction works will start, you should receive architectural plans ( possibility of getting plans from our company ) in final to get construction permit for investment. According to this, you have to consult with your local architect and adapt this project into the place. Also it needs to be agree conditions of water and power infrastructure with the supplier. After finishing all the steps, you can easily start build your own touchless carwash.


Investment could be financed at least from three sources: Using own resources, Bank loan or lease. There is also the possibility of financing the investment from EU funds.

Construction, instalation and service

After receiving the permit for construction works, you can start making concrete floors on each post, which we do together with the installation of carport and carwash technology. After all works are finished, investor or the person which is responsible for the carwash, will be trained how to operate all the technique. We support investors advising them in the field of Marketing Operations and providing professional technical services.