CNC milling

CNC milling is a very popular method of machining various materials. All thanks to the efficiency of the method and the possibility of application in various industrial sectors. In our facility near Białystok, we have modern equipment, thanks to which we provide services at a high level. Please visit us for more information. We guarantee fast execution of orders, as well as substantive advice.

Process characteristics

CNC milling is machining, during which a microcomputer is used. Automation of the works is endured. An item, such as a semi-finished product, is shaped by gradual removal of layers from it. As a result the desired size, shape and optimal surface properties are obtained.

The CNC milling machine performs the main rotary movement, while the feed motion applies to the processed material. Due to the automation of the process, the technology is distinguished by:

  • the possibility to create items of any shape, including those with complex details, grooves and gougings - we process, among other things, decorative accessories that are used at home or elements necessary in car washes,
  • great accuracy, both in terms of dimensions and surfaces - repeatability is important, i.e. assigning identical properties to a series of products (if the same settings are retained),
  • faster than the manual method - CNC machining ensures the elimination of errors that could be made by the operator, there is no necessity to perform activities such as applying or removing the coolant, collecting a tool from the magazine and fixing it in the spindle, selecting the speed.

The service is a more convenient and less expensive solution than buying a machine for occasional use. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide details.

CNC milling in Eurowash

We have high-quality Haas equipment at our facility near Białystok. The machine has three axes (X, Y, Z), thanks to which precise machining of items is ensured to suit the needs of many Clients, including individual and business ones.


Our offer is addressed to companies involved in the production of cars and spare parts, enterprises from the chemical or food industry, as well as farms. We perform milling of elements for larger objects, for example, for car washes (container or modular), components used in heavy industry, as well as models, prototypes, injection moulds.

CNC milling machine by Haas has many useful features, such as:

  • pilot zdalnego sterowania – umożliwia wygodne zarządzanie maszyną, w tym dokonywanie modyfikacji i zmian we wprowadzonych parametrach;
  • quick chip removal - thanks to a system with a quadruple ejector, four-sided screw conveyors and a belt chip conveyor; it contributes to keeping the workstation tidy;
  • lubrication with a minimum amount of agent or air blowing directly at the cutting edge, which translates into efficient and economic work.

Thanks to the use of modern equipment, we guarantee high quality and speed of execution of orders. We offer immediate appointments - please visit us for more details about our offer.

Reliable CNC milling for individual Clients and companies

Eurowash offers three-axis precision machining even of complex shapes. We have professional equipment to achieve the desired effect, also from an aesthetic point of view. We cooperate with Clients from Białystok, the whole territory of Poland and other European countries (such as Germany, Slovakia, Hungary). It is worth getting to know the details - we are at your disposal.

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