Touchless car washes, is it worth it?

Reflecting on the profitability of an investment, we try to estimate the cost of its income. By investing in a 4-bay car wash, we can wash as many as 160 cars a day. Assuming the average car wash time, we can calculate the daily income.

It should be remembered that the decision to build a car wash is an investment that should pay off and generate profits.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of an investment is choosing the right partner who will accompany us in running our business.

What plot to choose?

When we start investing in a touchless car wash, we assume 2 scenarios. The investor already has a plot of land and an investor looking for a suitable location.

Regardless of the scenario, the plot should have:
- media connection.

It is very important to check the zoning conditions of the selected plot and to check the visibility of the planned facility in the selected location.

Container or modular car wash?

The choice of a car wash depends on many factors. The most common are the location, plot size, number of positions.

The best option is to consult the selection with our sales department. The specification and detailed offer will be presented based on the client's needs and the conditions of the plot.

Will touchless car washes be fiscalized?

Concerned investors are looking for answers related to numerous questions regarding the legal provisions imposing on the owners of car washes the obligation to fiscalize the car wash.

Eurowash customers can sleep well. The company has been working with software integration for its clients for a long time.

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