Turning centre

In response to the needs of Clients related to the precision tool, components and spare parts manufacturing, Eurowash offers CNC turning. Our production facility is located near Białystok. We have a modern machine park, which guarantees a high quality service. Automation of the machining process translates into efficient execution of orders.

CNC turning characteristics

The technology involves machining the surface of the material with sharp knives. The items placed in the machine are put into rotary motion, then layers are removed based on the parameters entered into the machine.


The process is automatic - it is monitored by a computer integrated with elements that control the machine tool. Those are PLCs, i.e. programmable logic controllers, which are modular in nature, as well as sensors located on the device, which allow for the ongoing comparison of the desired values ​​with the actual data.

No operator is required for CNC turning. A preson on that position only performs tasks related to setting up the machine, fixing the material, entering relevant parameters, including the zero point, and setting the desired programme. There is no contact with dangerous substances and the risk of mechanical injury is minimised.

CNC turning is widely used in various industries, such as: automotive (manufacture of components for new and used vehicles, container or modular car wash components), agriculture (manufacture of parts for tractors and machines), carpentry (manufacture of furniture and various types of decoration).

Modern turning centre in Eurowash

In our production facility near Białystok, there is equipment, thanks to which machining is fast and precise. We use a machine by Haas, which is also suitable for milling. This is due to the fact that the machine is equipped with an additional driven numerical axis and a 12-position turret. Therefore, there is no need to move the item around between different devices, which translates into an efficient process.

The CNC lathe ensures:

  • repeatability - one programme or setting can be applied to many different materials and the same dimension and shape will be obtained each time;
  • flexibility - the technology can be adapted to individual needs; making adjustments and modifications is quick as this is done with a convenient-to-use control panel;
  • high efficiency - thanks to the maximum speed of up to 4,000 revolutions per minute and the elimination of errors, the working time is short;
  • precision - monitoring with a computer makes it possible to obtain any shape, even a complicated one, with numerous kinks or curves (examples are nipples, bypass screws);
  • possibility of use for items of various sizes - due to a large machining area (381 x 450 mm).

The machine has a number of useful features that facilitate the performance of tasks. Those include an automatic door, which allows finishing both sides of an item in a single setup, as well as remote monitoring with the use of Wi-Fi. All the above translates into time saving and reduction of production costs.

We invite Clients from Białystok and other locations to contact our employees to agree on the scope of works. We ensure quick execution of orders, even on the spot.

Professional CNC turning in Eurowash

Modern equipment, qualified personnel, a lot of experience in the industry - all this allows us to provide metalworking services at a high level. We operate not only in the Podlaskie Voivodeship but also in other parts of Poland as well as in German, Slovakian and Hungarian markets. We provide expert advice and the opportunity to establish long-term cooperation. It is worth getting to know us better, we will be happy to answer any questions.

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