In Eurowash, we manufacture various types of elements and spare parts with the use of modern technology. The metalworking methods we use ensure precision and production efficiency. We execute orders taking into account individual guidelines of Clients, we guarantee saving time and reasonable prices. You are invited to visit our facility located near Białystok, where you can get more information about the offer and agree on the scope of services.

Machining - key advantages

The technology involves the removal of successive layers of the material, the so-called blank material or block (it can be a piece of board, sheet metal, wood or plastic). This is done with the use of a cutting tool that opeartes in an automated manner - without the need to involve an operator. It is enough to set the desired parameters, and the entire course of production processes will be properly managed by the computer.


The purpose of CNC metal processing is to obtain the appropriate shape (also curves), smoothness and dimensions of the item. Advantages of CNC metal machining:

  • great precision that cannot be achieved with manual milling, turning or grinding;
  • repeatability - the system allows the manufacture of identical products, regardless of their quantity, which is of great importance, for example, in the case of components for container car washes;
  • flexibility - possibility to create different versions of a given product; this only requires introduction of some modifications to the programme;
  • reduction of the time required to complete even complex projects achieved by minimising the risk of errors and no need to perform finishing (elements have their edges properly profiled);
  • safety of employees - the operator has no direct contact with the processed raw material;
  • reduced material consumption, which translates into a reduction in costs and the amount of waste.

The metalworking method applied by us allows us to create complex designs in a short period of time. In the facility located near Białystok, we offer immediate appointments.


Wide range of offer of Eurowash

Our offer is addressed to the automotive industry (we manufacture chassis and vehicle body components), the construction industry (prefabricated elements, door frames and acoustic products), the plastic processing industry (containers, thermoplastic packaging, spare parts for household appliances) or carpentry (furniture, door components). We produce components for the construction of various types of structures, including modular car washes. We also offer hole-punching of composite products.

We have a modern machine park, which includes:

  • a robot that allows welding various types of material, including aluminium, black steel and stainless steel;
  • turning centre - a multi-purpose centre where turning and milling are performed; it allows to perform metalworking even 24 hours a day with no need to involve an operator (the maximum diameter of the workpiece is 270 mm);
  • press brake - it is used for bending sheet metal with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 8 mm at any angle, it is also used for crimping or notching;
  • laser Eagle - a laser cutter designed for stainless steel, aluminium, copper or brass; it has marking, engraving, cutting and scoring functions therefore it is possible to create, e.g., personalised carpet handles;
  • milling machine - it enables cutting flat and shaped surfaces, including grooves, gears and screw threads;
  • waterjet - based on water jet cutting technology in the case of which there is no heat emission, which prevents the expansion or contraction of the material.

The offer is addressed to Clients from all over Poland - just contact one of our representatives or visit our production facility located near Białystok. We also have branches abroad, operating in German, Slovak and Hungarian markets.

Professional metalworking with Eurowash

We encourage you to visit our headquarters - we provide substantive assistance in choosing the optimal solution. We use our own materials or those provided by Clients. In the area of Białystok and nearby locations, we deliver the CNC-processed items to the specified address.

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