Production plant

Production of car wash devices takes place in Eurowash production plant. Company successively equips new machinery which increase and help production process. The plant consist of two halls: the production and storage part and separate hall for metalworking and welding. Our company have a stock equipped with components form European manufactures (Asco, Siemens, ABB, Hawk, Cat, Grundfos, Eaton, AO Smith, Wago, Alberici, Dosatron, R + M) which resulting in reliability and long life of working.




Trust the technology

Our company offers technological solutions: water softening system, which is designed to remove calcium and magnesium salts from the water, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the washing chemistry. Individual heating system is based on two function pot  that provide warm water for washing and heating the floor. We offer high pressure pumps specifically designed for use one non-contact washers with sealing resistant to the most aggressive chemicals up to 200 bar and up to 15 l/min. Dosing of liquid chemist is made by Dosator dosing system. Powder should be poured into a special stainless steel container from which is is dispensed into a hot water tank to make mixed substance. Liquid chemistry is dispensed by mechanical dispenser to the water flow. Optionally electronic dispensers can be used. Water used for the polishing the car       is treated by reserve osmosis process, water is cleaned of all minerals. There are no streaks or stains on the car body. Eurowash technology is also equipped with advanced antifreeze system, which works even in the hardest conditions.


CarWash managment system

There are also additional options, such as the hose heating system and SMS notification system. All solutions are designed for individual needs of investor. Each car wash stand is equipped with a stainless steel control panel with waterproof LED buttons and a display which shows purchased credits.


Each Eurowash device is equipped with a management system. Every operation of device is controlled by an industrial controller. The touch panel display the most important information about operations of the device.
  • Three access levels to options
  • Control of pumps
  • Floor heating control
  • Information about current income
  • Price managment and promotion
  • Managment os service prices
  • Remote access via mobile phone (internet)



Washing programs and payment methods

Standard washing programs



Washing under high pressure (130 bar) hot softened water  with the powder. /Washing under high pressure (130 bar)  with hot softened water with the active chemistry.


Applying a wax with  hot soft water.


The flushing with cold, fresh water under high pressure.


Washing the car body with softened water, without minerals (demineralized water) along with a drying and polishing agent which helps achieve that stainless look. This program is the accomplishment of previous programs, it allows to eliminate the need for wiping or drying the vehicle.

Optional programs


Turbo spray
Washing with a special chemistry, which is designed to wash dirt difficult to remove.
Flex brush
Unique application for self-service car wash, brush work only when the brush program is on.

 Standard brush
It helps to remove tough dirt and made of natural bristles is safe for varnish.
 Active foam
Creating a “quilt” of foam on the surface of the car body. This allows more carefully wash your car with heavy dirt.

Payment me


Coins, tokens


Credit Cards

 Euro-Key/ World system 

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